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Whitehaven Beach Australia: It’s a great place.

About Whitehaven Beach Australia

Whitehaven Beach Australia is an island in the Whitsunday Island Group. Most of the people are aware of the greatness of the Great Barrier Reef. But in this natural wonder of the world. There is a paradise of heaven, a paradise that many travelers do not write or include in their bucket list.

The seven-kilometer stretch of white silica sand and the development of crystalline-transparent water are unmatching by spiritual and developmental. Whitehaven Beach was discovering and named in 1879 by Staff Commander E.P. Bedwell and is long known for its white style and beautiful views.

The bright white sand lying on the beach is made up of 98 percent pure silica. It is very soft and delicate. Dip your fingers in the white silica sand of the prestigious and award-winning Whitehaven beach. The soft, cold white sand beach surround by dazzling turquoise waters is famous all over the world.

It is found that the northern part of this beach has a heel inlet. This is the place where the tide changes and the water produces beautiful colors. The sand contains 98% silica, which means it is beautiful and soft, comparing it with some baby powder.

Strangely, it is said that 10,000 years ago, there was once a mountain range in Whitsunday; However, the islands formed from these mountains due to the rise in sea level. Before the water level rose, the Negro tribes lived in the area when they were part of the mainland. Today, the descendants of this tribe are still in Whitsunday.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia Map

How to getting Whitehaven Beach Australia

By plane, the easiest way to reach the Whitsunday Islands. You can enjoy the beauty of Whitehaven beaches in isolation. The island is accessible only by boat, cruise or helicopter. Whitehaven Beach Tours have left Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach in Queensland.

Enjoy the overnight sailing experience, because stopping and enjoying Whitehaven Beach is always a big drawcard. Just 30 minutes’ journey from Hamilton Island, a high-speed catamaran service to Whitehaven Beach. Hamilton Island, the largest populated island of Heightsdon, has its airport (Great Barrier Reef Airport).

The best time to visit in Whitehaven Beach Australia

When one is planning a trip to an almost entirely outdoor-orient destination like Whitsundays. One of the primary concerns is the weather. Due to the consistently sunny weather and low humidity, September is a popular time to travel to Whitsunday.

What To See in Whitehaven Beach?

On the island of Whitsunday, head to Tongu Point. Where you will witness some of the best views of Color Fusion and Whitehaven. From now, explore and climb the Islands National Park in Whitsunday. Before stopping by the Hill Inlet on your way back to Whitehaven beach.

Where to eat in Whitehaven?

  • Bob’s Bakery
  • Mariners Restaurant
  • Marina Tavern

Where To Stay in Whitehaven Beach Australia?

  • Palm Bungalows
  • Beach Club
  • Whitsunday Apartments Hamilton Island
  • Airlie Beach Hotel
  • Heart Hotel and Gallery Whitsundays

Important thinks of Whitehaven

  • The Whitehaven beach faces east so some beaches can be very slippery depending on local sea and wind conditions.
  • Many boats stop at Tongu Point for movement.
  • The Whitehaven beaches are usually deserted before ten in the morning. The best time to reach the boat is early in the morning. The most boats leave at 5 pm, so there are often beaches between late arrivals. There are no running water or food stores on the island, so bring plenty of your boat or airline service.

We still have a lot to learn about these natural wonders, but with this comprehensive guide, you need to start your perfect Whitehaven beach Australia journey.

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