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Top things to Fernando de Noronha Brazil-you should know it

About of Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Surely you are looking for a place where you can get lost in the unknown nature. Now we want to describe that beautiful place I think it is a secret island in Brazil that you probably have never heard of before. It is called Fernando de Noronha Brazil. It is by far the most exclusive and unique eco-tourism destination. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is a volcanic archipelago and a UNESCO natural world heritage site 215 miles off the coast of Brazil.

The island is famous for its incredible scenery, beautiful beaches, and fantastic wildlife. The archipelago has never been connected to the mainland. Geologically, it is the base of a submarine volcanic formation that rises from the deep seashore and consists of a central island and several rocks and islands.

The water around these islands, bathing in streams from Africa, is visible even 50 meters with excellent visibility and it has warm temperatures all year round. American Vespucci (1454-1515), discovered in 1503 by an Italian merchant and cartographer. Islands about 200 miles south-east of Brazil’s northeast coast. About 200 miles south of the city of Natal. If you can more details about Fernando de Noronha visit Wikipedia.

During its 500-year history, Fernando de Noronha was temporarily occupied by the Dutch (17th century), French (18th century) before Portugal. At present, the population is about five and the primary industry is tourism.

The archipelago consists of 21 islands. It has only the most significant population (POP 3500) and requires special approval from the Environment Authority to visit other islands, as these are protected areas of the National Maritime Park.

Fernando De Noronha Map

How do I get Fernando de Noronha Brazil?

By plane

There are daily direct domestic flights from Recife, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Maceio, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, and Aracaju that operate daily from Fernando de Noronha. There are charters and full packages available from most Brazilian travel agents from major cities in Brazil.

You can rent a bus, taxi, a golf cart, or drive up to most hotels along the main road.

By boat

During the dry and peak seasons from October to February, some cruises operating in the region stop at Fernando de Noronha, usually in Recife, Natal, and Fortaleza. It gives you minimal flexibility when planning your trip, as the ship is usually only at the peak, full season, not airline travel.
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Your transportation options.

You can rent a car, but with most driving off-road around the island, it’s best to rent a beach buggy. Main roads are familiar, and most of the locals stop giving lifts.

Top Things to know for watching De Noronha

  • Every day, a small number of tourists are allowed to enter the island. The number of tourists arriving in Fernando de Noronha is around 450 to 500 people a day.
  • You must pay an entrance fee to enter this island. All visitors must visit Fernando de Noronha to save the environment for one.
  • Which starts at around R $ 45 (US) a day. And it increases the number of days you spend there.
  • Flight delays may occur.
  • Use mosquito repellent.
  • Take cash with you.

Best time to visit Fernando de Noronha.

The rainy season in Fernando di Noronaha runs from April to August and brings with it raining wet weather with heavy rains. We visited the island during the dry season, which runs from August to January, and enjoyed clear skies, hot weather, and a warm sea.

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Why go to De Noronha Brazil?

You go to Noronha Brazil because has the more beautiful place here someplace added below

Beautiful beaches

Calm with soft, silvery sand, turquoise sea, Norona beach is miles away from this world. 3 of its shores – Priya de Leo, Baia do Sancho and Baia dos Porcos – rank among Brazil’s top five best beaches, according to the top Gia Quatro Rodas Prius, the country’s official guide to the subcontinental coastline.

Swim with sharks

The waters around Fernando de Noronha are rich in marine life, with harmful sharks like lemons and nurse sharks with which you can snorkel. Other species – such as tigers and hammer sharks – also live in water but survive more. Attacks on humans are rare because of the well-balanced marine ecosystem.

Turtle spotting

There are dozens of turtles in the vicinity of Norona that come ashore between December and June during the hatching season. This time the beaches are strictly guarded – go to the south beaches for a better chance to swim with these elegant animals.

Incredible diving

With a visibility of up to 30 mm and a water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, Nononaha has excellent diving conditions, with 20 diving sites starting at a depth of 20 m and sinking above 40 m. Elderly whales with elusive whale sharks wreck ships and swim in incredible marine life.

Most beautiful sunsets ever

Noronha sunsets are different than any other because of the quiet, tropical setting and lack of air pollution. One of the best points to watch the sunset is from Boulder Beach.

Dinner with a view

For a romantic dinner for two or a peaceful treat for a solo traveler, visit Mergulhão, one of the best restaurants in Narona.

Take a boat trip

A boat trip around Naronahar takes you to some of the island’s most spectacular and otherwise accessible beaches, allowing you to explore some of the region’s most intriguing, natural gems. As the boat trolls from the beach to the beach, it often carries dolphin pods and large seabirds overhead.

Where stay of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil?

Nearest Airport Fernando de Noronha

  • Juazeiro do Norte Airport – 847 km from FDN.
  • Aracaju-Santa Maria Airport – 946 km from FDN.
  • Greater Natal International Airport – 390 km from FDN.
  • Recife/Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre International Airport – 550 km from FDN.
  • Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport – 678 km from FDN.

Final words about Fernando De

Fernando de Noronha Brazil is a full package for spending your vacation with your full family. You can say versus animals as like as Vireo gracilirostris, Elaenia ridleyana, Zenaida auriculata Noronha, Bubulcus ibis, Sula Sula, Sula leucogaster, Fregata magnificens, Spinner Dolphin, Amphisbaena ridleyi, Euprepis Atlantic, Chelonia mydas, etc.

Also, you can see the more beautiful place here like Praia do Sancho, Baia dos Porcos, Praia da Atalaia, Beach Boldro, Praia da Cacimba do Padre, Baia do Sueste, Praia do Leao, etc. After visiting that place you must tail it is the best place in the world. Fernando has the best hotel to stay at night. So you can go there without any confusion.

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