Kakadu national park Australia

Kakadu national park-make your next trip cool!

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It is the biggest national park located in northern Australia. The total area of Kakadu National Park is 19,804 km2. Ranger Uranium mine surrounded the park which is one of the most productive uranium mines all over the world. The name Kakadu came from mispronouncing the word Gaagudju. It has four major river systems, six landforms, and a diversity of wildlife.

Kakadu Australia has a charming monsoonal clime located in the tropics. It is the best place where you can see the abundance of wild diversity. National park Kakadu is the richest source of flora in northern Australia.  Kakadu’s environment makes huge support for animals those who are in the way of disappearing.

This park is rich with mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fishes, and insects established on 5 April 1979. It is designated as a Ramsar wetland and UNESCO World Heritage Site on the criteria of Culture

History of Kakadu national park


At the beginning time of Kakadu national park Australia Aboriginal hunters used to moved around the park to gather their food and shelters. Gagudju was a language of aboriginal that used to be suggested to the origin of Kakadu. This park is rich with Aboriginal culture from 40000 years ago when they occupied the area of Kakadu. Over 5000 art sites discovered in there illustrate the culture of Aborigine.

Footsteps of non-indigenous people

Explorers, buffalo hunters, missionaries, pastoralists, and miners came over the year in that place and make history. Form Chinese, Portuguese, and Malay people came in Kakadu and claim all were the 1st non-aboriginal explorer. Hunter came there to hunt water buffalo on the bank of Mary River. On the south of the Alligator River valley, 1st uranium was discovered. That is called Ranger Uranium Mine the biggest mine in the world. missionaries made schools for the young in the region of the Alligator River

Kakadu National Park travel guide

In Kakadu national park you will find 20,000 years old rock art galleries, the traditional culture of Aboriginal people migratory birds, and so on. If you want to have a full guide to visiting Kakadu go and check the video about the travel guide of Kakadu.

How do I get to Kakadu National Park?

Make your next trip to Kakadu national park. If you want to reach Kakadu national park location at 1st you have to come into a major city and then take a flight to Darwin or Alice Spring. There is no direct flight in Kakadu so you have to reach Darwin or Alice Spring 1st.

Kakadu from Darwin

If you want to take a test of self-drive and feel the air of Darwin to Kakadu road. But if you don’t have personal transport don’t worry you can hire 4WD or 2WD transport to go to Kakadu from Darwin. It takes 3 or 4 hours to go.

Kakadu from Alice Springs

Famous Red Centre Way is found when you travel Alice to Kakadu. It’s an amazing road trip up to the center of Australia.

Best time to visit Kakadu National Park

Wrong timing has a great impact to enjoy your trip to Kakadu. Between June and August, the best time to visit Kakadu national park. Defiantly you don’t want to exploit your trip for temperature and rains. During the wet season, it can be. 

But if you go there in the wet season you can enjoy some features also like brim-full rivers waterfalls are mind-blowing. Grazing animals are al around the park. And you can experience thunder and topical lighting storm. Less of gathering because of offseason. In dry season weather is predictable and gorgeous. Most of the visiting sites are visible and you can enjoy your trip without disturbance.

Kakadu National Park tour package

Kakadu national park is the best tourist place in Australia having some outstanding sites like rock galleries, Aboriginal culture.

If you have a great thirst to visit such kind of historical and natural environment then Kakadu is the best choice. As a tourist place, almost all hotels give some package to stay for visits and offer cordial hospitality.

Kakadu National Park honeymoon package

Hey, newly married couples, looking for a place for a honeymoon? Make a plan for Kakadu national park Australia. Many of hotel around Kakadu offered sessional package for honeymoon. Yellow Water Cruise- Kakadu give you the romantic vibe of river, sky and nature, if you want feel like you as Jack and your partner is Rose in titanic. It cost around 100 AUD per night.

Kakadu National Park tour package

Discover Australia gives you best touring package up to 8 days with flight, rooms, meal, couch to travel around park and have chance to win bonus voucher also. It cast around 3500 $ per 7 days and 2500 for 4 days.

Best hotels in Kakadu National Park

How don’t want to save money? Find the best hotel for you at a cheap rate. You can categorize hotels by rating, price, food, accommodation, etc.

5 best hotel list near Kakadu:

You can pick your package which one is suited for you. And enjoy a luxurious tour in Australia the historical park of natural diversity.

Kakadu National Park map

To visit that kind of place everyone needs a map which guides the visitors from A to Z of the area. Kakadu national park is a large area of historical and biodiversity riches place where you can see rock site gallery and aboriginal culture, mountain hacking, migratory birds, Alligatored river site and so on. here’s the map of Kakadu national park. For a better experience you can download the Kakadu national park visitor guide to find Kakadu national park location.

Kakadu National Park airport

The nearest international airport is Darwin international airport. If you are an international visitor and want to visit Kakadu Australia than it is very much time saving for you to land Darwin. Jibru is another airport for local transaction so you can take a local flight from Darwin to jibru with light aircrafts. Jibru located in northern part of Kakadu park having one runway.

Best shops and facilities in Kakadu National Park

It’s good news that Kakadu has four main hubs in there where you can get the facilities to shop and take rest during travel. You can enjoy the Australian dine also there.

Four hubs are

Jabiru: jabiru is the central hub including the hotel art gallery. The hotel serves lunch and dinner also.

Services are:

  • service station
  • supermarket
  • newsagent
  • post office (Commonwealth Bank Agency)
  • Westpac Bank
  • travel agent (Kakadu Tours)
  • medical center and chemist
  • police
  • public telephones
  • public swimming pool
  • library with internet access
  • golf course
  • restaurants.

South Alligator

It contains the luxurious hotel Aurora Kakadu. Where you facilitated by food swimming pools which allow non-guest can use for free, petrol for cars, LPG, resting place, etc.


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It is located in the center of the park in the yellow water site. Which provides entertainment, meal, rooms for rest, and caravan also.

It also helps you to provide petrol, diesel, and LPG. Large playground for children

Mary River Roadhouse

It has a motel at the southern entrance of the park having a swimming pool, groceries, fuel, and a visitor center for entertainment and meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is there a downloadable guide for Kakadu national park?

yes, you can download the guide from Kakadu national park visitor guide from here

  • When does the best time to visit Kakadu?

It’s all up to you. But the recommended season is dry session because of its predictable weather.

  • Can I fly a drone over Kakadu?

For the reason of safety of huge biodiversity all kind of remote-control devises like a drone is not permitted to fly.

  • How much a Kakadu park pass?

you can buy a pass individually or a family pass for adults and 2 or more children. Kakadu charges sessional price it is a lower cost in November.

  • Is Kakadu suitable for children?

It is very much suitable for children. And they can gather much knowledge about Australian history also.

Final words about Kakadu

The Kakadu national park which contains many Aboriginal archaeological, sacred and art sites added a historical value in Australian culture. It is the richest property of biodiversity and the environment of the park is mind blowing to forget all the anxiety in life and take a break with migratory birds.  Approximately 300 Aboriginal people reside in the national park kakadu. So, don’t waste your time desire where to go? Just pack your backpack go for there