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The Faroe Islands is a beautiful place in the world

The Faroe Islands include 18 small islands, cliffs, tall mountains, narrow fjord- and marked by a population of 50,000. The total land area is 1,399 sq km, the sea area 274,000 sq km. The language of the Faroe is Pharaoh. It is a Nordic language, derived from the Norseman language, which settled on the islands about 1200 years ago.

The Islands, Iceland, and the Shetland Islands. Some of the islands in the North Atlantic Ocean from the Faeroe Islands, the Ferrari Freeware, the Danish Ferriorn. The name Fiero (Faroe Islands) is derived from the Old Norse and means the Vera Islands, a name given to the Vikings’ settlers. Farrow became a Norwegian province in 1035 and left Denmark in 1380 with the rest of Norway. If you want to see more details about the Faroe Islands go to Wikipedia.

Faroe Islands Map

how to get to the Faroe islands from over the world

Getting to the Faroe Islands is getting more accessible and more comfortable. The easiest and fastest way to travel to the Faroe Islands is via multiple daily flights from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) to Shahar Airport (FAE).

You have a choice of two carriers: Atlantic Airways, local Pharaoh Airways. That has been operating this route for 30 years or Scandinavian Airlines. More routes are opening with Europe, and the first direct route to the United States has just begun this fall (New York City).

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Reasons to visit the Faroe Islands

  • The scenery – Just a visually appealing place with green hills and crumbling sheep; Crashing waterfalls and colorful little villages.
  • Ease of travel
  • Most people probably don’t find the Faroe on any map.
  • Once you get there, getting a rental car is incredibly easy. The signs are easy to read, the tunnels and bridges connect the main islands and shorten the travel time. And the roads are all full and well-maintained.
  • Incredibly welcoming people
  • Cool festivals

The best visiting time of the Faroe Islands

The weather is cold most of the time because of the high humidity throughout the year. But the best time to visit the Faroe is from May to September.

The end brings a long day, wildflowers, and Atlantic puffins, in the spring and early summer. The hot and humid August sees the most tourist crowds. So book a room in advance.

You Know for visiting there

  • Public transport is precise, but it may not always go where you want.
  • The tourist infrastructure is still growing
  • keep an eye out for the sheep.
  • The Islands are incredibly well connected

Best hotel the Faroe Islands

 The airport of Faroe Island

  • Vagar Airport  38.3 miles
  • Westray Airport 201.5 miles
  • Papa Westray Airport  202.5 miles

We recommend that if you want to see the full beauty the Faroe Island. You need to stay here at list 3 days.

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