the best places to visit in the Philippines

The best places to visit in the Philippines: It’s beautiful places

The best places to visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is a wonderful country, full of thousands of tropical islands, stunning beaches, and amazing cities. Where to go where there are more than 7,600 islands in the Philippines? You want to Specify the best places to visit in the Philippines, here has been select top ineffective for travelers.

Anyway, Come on! we start with the top destinations that help for first-time visitors. They are most beautiful and here come easily accessible.

Now I am going to describe some places that are in a real sense different from other places in the country. For those people who want to see more the best places to visit in the Philippines.

Siargao Island

Siargao Island is part of Siargao Del Norte in the Philippines. The island is a tropical Zion. The island came into the radar of international travelers for cloud 9, that one of the surfing places in Siargao.

Siargao travel guide

How do I get to Siargao?

There are two ways to get there.

  1. By Air
  2. By Boat
Siargao by Air

There is an airport on the island of Siargao – Sayak Airport is just a direct flight from Manila to Skyjet and Cebu Pacific. To go their flight journey takes to time 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. Flight journey rates start at 3200 PHP ($64).

Siargao by Boat

There are also all-night traveler boats from Siargao with “Kokaliong Shipping Lines”. The ferry leaves from Siargao every day. If you want you can book a private cabin.

The best time to visit Siargao

Depending on your purpose the best time to plan a trip to Siargao. Naturally, the top tourist season in Siargao is based on the weather. If your main agenda is the trip to Siargao for surfing, you can go there between April to October reason it is the dry season.

Siargao tour package

Siargao tour package/Siargao honeymoon package includes hotels, tours, transportation, and airfare. We work tirelessly to find the best deals for you. Read this page to choose any travel that you like.

The best hotels in Siargao

  • Isla Cabana Resort
  • Romantic Beach Villas
  • Patrick’s on the Beach
  • Bamboo Garden Bar And Lodging
  • Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Surf Resort

The best shops in Siargao

  • Fat Lips Surfshop
  • Gwapitos Apparel Store
  • Gasa Souvenir Shop
  • Jose’s Surf Shop
  • Dayo Siargao

Siargao map

Siargao airport

  • Surigao airport
  • Tandag airport

EI Nido Island

I think you will want to see the firmographics made of stunning limestone and turquoise water around EI Nido. EI Nido is the most popular destination in all of the beautiful places in the Philippines.

It is famous for its spectacular landscapes with limestone pillars, hidden lagoons and small islands at the top of the forest that rises above the emerald waters of the Bequit coast.

Officially EI Nido is the corporation of EI Nido, it is the first-class corporation in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. El Nido is located on the northern tip of the island of Palawan in the Philippines.

EI Nido travel guide

How do I get to El Nido?

There are several ways to go to El Nido. They are given below…..

  • You can take a Van to go to EL Nido.
  • Ride a tricycle to get to El Nido city.
  • You can get to El Nido by Road.
  • Nido by Plane.
  • You can get to El Nido by Sea.

best time to visit el nido

The best time to seen EI Nido is the months of November to May. November to February period is cool northeast winds, it is comfort for seen the EI Nido islands.

But the months of March and May are the summer season. This time turns up the heat so when you came this season bring enough sunscreen protector for yourself.

El Nido tour packages

EI Nido tour package/EI Nido honeymoon package includes hotels, tours, transportation, and airfare. Be careful most of the hotels offer “free wifi”. But indeed it does not work properly.

best hotels in Ela Nido

  • BUKO Beach Resort
  • Nacpan Beach Glamping
  • Seda Lio
  • El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort
  • MaryGold Beachfront Inn

best shops in El Nido

  • Vanilla Beach El Nido
  • Kaingud
  • EI Nido Boutique Art cafe
  • EI Nido Adventure Scuba Dive Center
  • Secret lagoon At EI Nido

El Nido map

El Nido airport

  • Taytay airport (20km)
  • Busuanga Airport (129km)
  • Cuyo Airport (177km)
  • Puerto Princesa (Palawan) airport (178km)
  • San Jose (Mindoro) airport (219km)

Coron Island

Some of our favorite places all over the world We have toured lots of countries around the world. But when I think the best place in the world, my mind goes to Coron – it is my favorite place.

Coron is around 690 sq km. It is a first-class corporation. It has made with almost 50 islands. Coron located on the northern end of Palawan Province. Still, now it is underdeveloped.

One of the most popular and photographing places is Kayangan Lake in Coron. Another popular place is the Barracuda Lake.

Coron travel guide

How do I get to Coron?

Coron is a beautiful island located in Palawan, Philippines. There are 2 ways to go to Coron.

  • Go to Coron by Plane
  • Go to Coron by Ferry Boat

You need to fly from anywhere to Busuanga airport, Palawan. It is Comfortable and fast but most expensive.

Ferry Boat

The second popular way is the ferry boat traveling in Coron. Ferry Boat goes to the Puerto Princess one time a week, but it stops at Coron on the way. It starts are every Friday at 4:15 PM. And you reach the next day at 5:30 AM.

best time to visit Coron

If you go to coron in Dry Season I think this time is any time October to June in hot & dry weather. If you can’t go to Dry Season now you want to go to the Rainy season. This time will be any time from June to September.

Coron tour package

Coron tour package/Coron honeymoon package includes hotels, tours, transportation, and airfare.

best hotels in Coron

  • Bacau Bay Resort Coron
  • Coron Soleil Garden Resort
  • Corto del Mar Hotel
  • Breakfast included
  • The Riverhouse
  • Sophia’s Garden Resort

the best shop in Coron

  • AVT Bambuhay Craftshop
  • Araminta’s Arts & Crafts
  • Makulit Shop
  • Asiano, Arts and Crafts
  • Souvenir Shop

Coron map

Coron airport

  • Busuanga Airport (9km)
  • San Jose (Mindoro) airport (99km)
  • Taytay airport (130km)
  • Cuyo Airport (153km)

If you went to go homepage click here

Cebu Island

Cebu is the part of the Philippines located in the central Vyas. It is made with 17 Islands. Cebu is the Capital city of Cebu. It also knows “Queen City of the South” the oldest towns and the 1st capital of the Philippines.

Cebu Metropolitan made of 7 cities and 6 corporations. It is a long & narrow island that made 196 km north to south, and 32m east to west.

Cebu travel guide

How do I get to Cebu?

There were a few stations to go to here.

Step 1. At first, you reach Cebu by plane. You can come here to an international destination with a plan from Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Step 2. You can travel from Manila to Cebu by ferry boat. If you want to purchase a Plane or ferry tickets online.

best time to visit Cebu

The best time to see Cebu is the winter season this time is January. If you want to go here in the summer season the best time is March to May.

Cebu tour package

Cebu tour package/Cebu honeymoon package includes hotels, tours, transportation, and airfare.

best hotels in Cebu

  • Crimson Resort and Spa, Mactan
  • Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, Cebu
  • Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa
  • Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu
  • Radisson Blu Cebu

best shops in Cebu

  • Ayala Center Cebu
  • SM Seaside City Cebu
  • SM City Cebu
  • Robinsons Galleria Cebu
  • J Centre Mall

Cebu map

Cebu airport

  • Air Busan
  • Air Juan

Boracay island

Boracay Island is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Philippines that of the best things on the list of Island of the Philippines.

This small island is spread over an area of ?? about 11 square kilometers. It has 17 beaches and gestures, just amazing and it is part of an archipelago. Boracay Island contains both natural and man-made points.

The best things to do in Boracay

  • Boracay Beaches
  • Ariel’s Point
  • Crystal Cove Island
  • Montag Living Museum
  • Mount Luho

Boracay travel guide

How do I get to Boracay?

This is a common question with so many answers. If you arrive at an International place, We recommend, You can start in a very easy way – an airline ticket.

If you’re coming from Manila to Boracay, we can also be starting with the easy part – an airline ticket. You can come also by ferry, Bus/Van to Boracay. For this buy your ticket for the ferry, Bus/Van.

best time to visit Boracay

If you want to go to Boracay for some relaxing and water activities. Before booking your air ticket you most note the climate and weather of Boracay island of the Philippines.

You can come here several times. But I think the best time to visit Boracay island is from December to May, beaches it is the dry season in the Philippines.

Boracay tour package

Boracay tour package/Boracay honeymoon package includes hotels, tours, transportation, and airfare.

best hotels in Boracay

  • Fairways & Bluewater Boracay
  • Henann Regency Resort & Spa
  • Henann Palm Beach Resort
  • Coast
  • Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay

best shops in Boracay

  • D’Mall in Boracay
  • E Mall in Boracay
  • City Mall in Boracay
  • Island Magic Tailoring Shop in Boracay
  • Pricelite Outlet in Boracay

Boracay map

Boracay airport

  • Air Juan – Busuanga, Cuyo, Tagbilaran
  • AirSWIFT – El Nido
  • Cebu Pacific – Cebu, Clark, Manila
  • Cebu Pacific operated by Cebgo – Cebu, Manila
  • Philippine Airlines operated, PAL Express – Cebu, Clark, Manila

I think this article on the best places to visit in the Philippines was help full for you.

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