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Prince Edward Island Canada (PEIC French: lle-du-Prince-Edouard) is a Canadian territorial division consisting of an island of the aforesaid name, as well as many smaller islands. Prince Edward Island is one of the 3 seaside provinces of Canada and the smallest province in Canada in terms of land and peoples. It is part of the traditional territory of Mi’kmak, was annexed by the British Empire in the 1700s, and was organized as a province of Canada in 1873. The provincial capital is Charlottetown. As of the 2016 census, Prince Edward Island had 142,907 inhabitants.

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy here; It is the source of 25% of Canadian potatoes. The island has not a few informal names. Refers to the whole province’s grazing landscapes and fresh farmland. “Gulf Gardens,” and the “Confederate Birthplace” or “Confederacy Paddle,” referring to the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. Moreover, Prince Edward Island did not join the Confederation until 1873, when it was the 7th province of Canada. Historically, Prince Edward Island is one of the oldest settlements in Canada. And the demographic data still reminds me of Canada’s older immigrants, the Celtics, Anglo-Saxons, and French, who are still influential here.

Etymology of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is located 200 K.M. (120 miles) north of Halifax, Nova Scotia and 600 K.M. (370 miles) east of Quebec City. It consists of the mainland and 231 small islands. Overall, the mainland of the whole province is 5686.03 km2 (2195.39 mi2). The main island has an area of ​​5,620 km2 (2,170 m2). The state of the United States is slightly larger than Delaware. It is the 104th largest island in the world and the 23rd largest in Canada. Prince Edward Island is the only colonial jurisdiction in North America outside the Caribbean where there is no mainland territory, and no territorial boundaries.

The island is named  Prince Edward, after the Duke of Kent, and Strathorn (1767-1820). Who was the fourth son of King George. Prince Edward is by name the “Father of the Canadian Crown”. These landsymbol on the following islands are named after the Duke of Kent. Prince Edward, Victoria Park, Charlotte. Kent College (founded in 1804 by Lieutenant Governor Edmund Fanning and his Legislative Council, eventually became the University of Prince Edward Island), Charlottetown.

Kate Street, Charlottetown.

West Kate Elementary School.

Kate Street, Georgetown.

In French, it is now called Île-du-Prince-oudouard. However, its former French name, 1798 AD. The island was named Saintle Saint-Jean (St. John’s Island) until it was re-established by the British.

Population of Prince Edward

According to the 2011 National Family Survey, the largest groups are of Scottish descent (39.2%), followed by English (31.1%), Irish (30.4%), French (21.1%) and German (05.2%). %), And of Dutch (3.1%) descent. The majority of the population of Prince Edward Island is predominantly white. There are also some visible minorities. Chinese Canadians are the largest visible minority group on Prince Edward Island, accounting for 1.3% of the province’s peoples. About half of them have identified themselves as “Canadian” ethnically.

Best time to visit Prince Edward Island

The best time of year to visit Prince Edward Island is usually in the summer, from mid-July to mid-August, until Old Home Week at our provincial exhibition. That being said rely on on what you’re looking for? If it has beaches, family parks and tourist sorts of your choice – stay in line during July / August. However, if you go into a lot of golfing, the courses in September are the best size of the season. If you’re on a menu and celebrating events, it’s best for you from late August to early October.

How to do I get to Prince Edward Island?

Thinking how to get to Prince Edward Island? Whether you decide to fly, drive or travel on the island, how you get here is an experience in itself.

By Air

There is nothing to climb on Prince Edward Island and nothing to breathe on the farm from the sky. Charlotte Airport is conveniently located on Central Prince Edward Island. Provides various direct and connecting commercial flights.

By the bridge

If you decide to drive in PEI, you will be able to drive over the 13 km Confederation Bridge. The world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water and takes about 10 minutes to cross. It connects New Brunswick with Borden-Carleton, PEI.

By Ferry

Northumberland ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia and Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island. The 75-minute car ferry ride gives a pleasant break from driving. The ferry operates from May to the end of December. Tolls are collected after leaving PEI on Wood Island. The ferry crossing takes about 1.15 minutes. Regular ferry service runs from the beginning of April to November, from Cap-Ox-Mules, Iles-de-la-Medellin, Quebec to Surris, Prince Edward Island.

By Bus

Maritime buses provide daily bus service to more than 40 people across Charlottetown, Summerside and Borden-Carleton and Maritimes.

Prince Edward Island tour package

Prince Edward Island has many unique things that have sand grains on our beach. Select a package, then run your island vacation! Which adventuresome exploration would you Select? We look onwards to helping you plan the Exactly P.E.I. vacation!

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Flights to prince edward island

The nearest airport Prince-Edward-Island is

  • Charlottetown (YYG) Airport which is 5.6 km away.

Another nearest airports 

  • Include Moncton (121.1 km away),
  • Halifax (YHZ) (163.8 km away),
  • Saint John (YSJ) (240.2 km away) and
  • Fredericton (YFC) (265.8 km away).

Shops in Prince Edward

Anne of Green Gables Store

  • 4.3 Reviews (42)
  • Gift shop.
  • New Glasgow, PE, Canada.
  • Contect No- +1 902-963-3307

Shop PEI Marketplace

  • No reviews
  • Open 24 hours.
  • Contect No-(877) 568-3734

Village Pottery Inc.

  • 4.8 Reviews (66)
  • Pottery store.
  • New London, PE, Canada.
  • Contect No- +1 902-886-2473

The Anne of Green Gables Store

  • 4.2 Reviews (89)
  • Novelty store.
  • Charlottetown, PE, Canada.
  • Closes 6PM
  • Contect No- +1 902-368-2663

Coastal Culture

  • 4.5 Reviews (51)
  • Gift shop.
  • Cavendish, PE, Canada.
  • In Cavendish Boardwalk.
  • Contect No- +1 902-963-2192

Things To Do In Prince Edward, Canada

Lighthouse Spotting

You can’t get more classic Maritime Canada View without a white and red lighthouse set in the sand dunes. And there are l3 lighthouses in PEI to choose from. Round, striped, long, brick, they were built around the island’s coastline from the mid-19th century to protect ships from treacherous seas. They are not currently used for navigation. However, local conservation groups still look after them.

Every lighthouse has its own the tale to tell. Main Point is the 1st and Elderly lighthouse in PEI. And one of the few circular brick lighthouses on the island. Cape Bear had a Marconi wireless station. Where the Titanic’s first distress signal was heard. The east point has been moved twice since the coast was broken. And you can stay the night at the West Point lighthouse.

Find Anne At Green Gables

For more than 100 years, kids around the world have grown up with the story of the red-haired Ann Green Gable. The 11-year-old orphan girl was accidentally sent to live with her middle-aged brother and sister when they asked a boy to come and help them on the farm. A tour of the Green Gabes Heritage Place on the north bank of the PEI is like taking a chapter of the book. Its white clapboard house, green shutters and an old car outside.

In real life the house is the cousin of author Lucy Mode Montgomery. One brother and sister, who inspired the characters Matthew and Merrill. But the interiors range from the story to Annie’s bedroom to the East Gable hanging with her favorite puff-sleeved dress. You’re almost hoping he’s walking from the ghostly wood.

Discover The Story Of Confederation

The island of Prince Edward may be small but it played a major role in Canadian history. Representatives of the Fathers of Confederation – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and the British colony of Ontario – in Charlottetown, the capital of the island. In September 1864, they met at the Provincial House for the Charlottetown Conference, which formed Canada.

You can learn more about a replica of the original Confederation Chamber. You’ll see Confederate players and around Charlottetown during the summer, costume guides who can tell you all about what life was like in the 1860s PEI.

Red Sandstone Cliffs

As you travel around Prince Edward Island you will see glimpses of its unusually bright red soil. It gets its color from the large amount of sandstone iron on the island which oxidizes and escapes as soon as it comes in contact with air. As well as being great for sandstone cultivation it also creates some spectacular views, especially when it is contrasted with the island’s green fields or blue waters. On the north shore of the island you can see the red sandstone peaks of Prince Edward Island National Park, the strange and wonderful rock formations that give a glimpse of the sunset. You’ll find more spectacular sand dunes in Argyle Shore Provincial Park and Cape Trion.

Eat All The Seafood

Prince Edward Island is famous throughout Canada and for its seafood. Around some juicystate oysters, silky lobster and flavored clams and oysters. On the waterfront with a battery lobster roll piled high with fresh meat and just a dabur lemon and you’ll see why. Seafood is found all over the island – from high-end restaurants to ordinary waterfront stalls.

Some of PEI’s top seafood spots include New Glasgow Lobster Supper, Richard’s Fresh Seafood and The Lobster Burn Pub and Eatery. If you really like your seafood. However, September is the best time to visit the PEI International Shellfish Festival. Including tasting, music, cooking demos and trying to record the world’s longest lobster roll. But you can dig for clams and shocking oysters or join fishing expeditions.

Walk The Boardwalks

There is 2.5 k.m. long boardwalk with a floating section in Greenwich in Prince Edward Island National Park. Which takes you to the meadows on the way to the sea and the waterlogging of the protected parabolic sands of the region. You can join the parade of joggers, walkers and cyclists at Victoria Park in Charlottetown. Where there is a boardwalk that runs along the edge of the park and a fort at the end of the historic castle, alongside Pike’s Wharf and Harbor boats.

ICE Cream Heaven At Cows Creamery

Whatever the time of year, eating a cone of beef is a must have for Prince Edward Island – ice cream is so delicious it has been Canada’s best vote. Since then they have expanded across the country as well as now have six stores around the island, including its headquarters just outside Charlotte. Where you can see how it was made. And you can choose their trademark cow pang t-shirt. Cow ice cream is extra creamy, it is served on a handmade waffle cone using a secret recipe with milk from PEI cows and fresh local ingredients. There are more than 30 flavors, including seasonal specials.

Cycle The Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail of Prince Edward Island is a 270 mile long railroad. Which forms part of Canada’s Great Trail on the island – the longest recreational trail in the world. It extends from Tignish at one end of the island to Elmira on the other. Branches connect it to Charlotte Town, Confederation Bridge and some beach towns on the island.

The gentle gradients of the route make it perfect for walking or cycling. But you fit in, and there are plenty of beautiful views along the way. The Confederation Trail continues even after a mix of farms, wetlands, forests, pastures and lakes to close with lots of small villages. You can rent a bike in Charlottetown in the summer and try geocaching along the trail with over 1600 geocache sites. In winter the trail is converted into a snowmobile route.

Have a drink on victoria

Victoria Row – The Row – is one of the most beautiful streets in Charlottetown with its Victorian red brick buildings, dirt roads and shady trees. The street is lined with a mix of bars and restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and individual shops selling art, antiques and gifts. And of course there’s Green Gabes Goody’s Anio. Victoria Row is pedestrian from May to October. So you can grab a table outside for a sunset drink on a summer evening or go to the rooftop patio bar at Fisheries on the Roof to keep an eye on the city rooftops.

Hit The Beach

From white sand to red on Prince Edward Island. And there are 500 miles of beaches to choose from with some of the warmest waters north of Florida. One of the island’s most famous is the Singing Sands in Basin Head Provincial Park. It gets its name from high-silica-content sand. Which sinks when you walk.

Towards Prince Edward Island National Park, Cavendis Beach with its golden mile stretch of red sand or calm Greenwich Beach with golden sand. Just 25 minutes drive from Charlotte Beach to Brackley Beach and the cute dance gallery. There are many beaches on the island though it is easy to pack a picnic and find your own wide area away from everyone – you can also camp by the beach in some provincial parks.

Go Mouse Spotting In Charlottetown

As you wander the streets of Charlottetown, keep an eye out for mini bronze mouse statues hidden around town. They are based on Eckhart the Mouse – a long-tailed curious mouse. Who is a character in local PEI author David Wells’ book The True Mumming of Crumbefest. This is a great game if you are traveling with the kids and you can download a pdf about where to find them along with some historical details about the places along the road.

Feast Your Way Around The Island

There’s so much more to PEI’s food than just seafood – it’s surprisingly known as the Food Island of Canada for its local produce. At the weekly Charlottetown Farmers Market you can taste some of the most delicious local flavors, which are a plus every Saturday in the summer. In addition to food and drink, there are art, craft and gift stalls.

Final About Prince Edward Island Canada

You can visit some of the food and beverage producers on Prince Edward Island while traveling around the island. There are Prince Edward Island Conservation Company for jams and sauces (their raspberry and champagne jams are amazing), Rossinel wineries for fruit and maple wines, PEI brewing companies for craft beer, and island chocolates for amazing handmade chocolates.