Killarney national park

Best things in Killarney national park for your next visit

Name: Killarney National Park

Location: Ireland

Date Established: 1932

Size: 41 square miles (106 square kilometers)

Killarney National Park is technicality part of the popular for Ring of Kerry, but you can just like that expend a day just here.  This is a national park the scenery is stunning for reasons. You have gorgeous lakes, dramatic mountains as you would expect.  Also, there are historic sites that you should not miss. In this post, I cover the top seven things to do in Killarney National Park. I’ll share some logical information to plan your visit.

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About Killarney national park / Killarney national park facts

Killarney National Park is located less than 5 miles southwest of Killarney, a county in southwestern Ireland.  It’s almost open year. Macros House has a visitor center.  The park covers more than 25,000 acres. So there are areas for you to explore. The Killarney national park was created in 1932. When the Macros Estate was granted to the Irish Free State.  Killarney national park was the 1st national park in Ireland. The park was named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981.

Top Things to Do in Killarney Park

In the park you will find mountains, lakes. You will even see waterfalls. But Killarney National Park is not the only place to admire the natural beauty. The history of the Killarney National park is also interesting. There is something for everyone! The map gives you an idea of ​​the location of some of the topics of interest.  Read on for more details on my tips on what to do in Killarney National Park.

Tour the Muckross House

The main attraction of the park is the Macros House. The 19th-century Victorian dormitory is now state-owned.  During our visit, the Marcos’s House was undergoing renovations. So the exterior of the house was covered with sculptures and some of the gardens were closed. The only way to see the interior of this historic home is through a guided tour (€ 9 for adults).  The trip lasted about an hour and was interesting. I used to live in families in our homes.

Really liked the stories about hermit was interesting to know that during a trip to Ireland in 1868, Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, stayed at the Macros House. They celebrated Prince Albert’s 42nd birthday there. And unfortunately he died a few months later. Unfortunately, at the time of Prince Albert’s death, Victoria was confused. And the family went bankrupt.

Unfortunately no pictures are allowed inside the house. But I would encourage you to visit.  The interior is decorated in such a way that it was built in Victorian times. Also, from the interior of the house, there are great views of the lakes and gardens.

Google Map of Killarney national park

FAQ about Killarney

Free to visit Killarney National Park?

It Dependent on what you want to do.  There is no entrance fee to enter for the Killarney park. However some attractions (as mentioned below) only allow you to enter the guide for which they charge a nominal fee.

How to Get to Killarney National Park

The park is huge, so driving is probably the wisest thing to do. Parking is free at major attractions. For the carless, the best option is a hop-on-hop-off bus from the Killarney shuttle bus.  It takes you to all the main attractions of Killarney National Park from Killarney.  Get more information visit here.

Horse-drawn carriage, which is a kind of horse-drawn carriage. The park looks like a great traditional place to visit. But I’m not sure what happened to co-blogger Angie Away.

Explore the Killarney park with bike

Some of the mountaineering trails in Killarney National Park are also ideal for biking.  This is a great option because you will be able to cover more land than walking.  You can rent a bike from Killarney National Park. Then, you can follow the Marcos’s Dennis loop. Which are mostly flat and wide.  Most of the people attractions is Killarney National Park for Marcos’s Abbey, Marcos’s House, Killarney national park waterfall, and Torque Falls.

Explore the Muck Ross Abbey Ruins

Marcos’s Abbey was founded in 1444 by the Observatory Franciscans as the Franciscan Freer.  It has been harmed & Reconstruction few times throughout history.  I knew Marcos’s Abbey was ruining. But I was really surprised at how intact Abby was.  You can even climb the stairs to find the 2nd floor. If it doesn’t rain. You may want to spend more time visiting the cemetery outside Macros Abbey. About 20 minutes walk from Macros Abbey Macros House or you can drive there. Since it is a bit far from a parking lot.

Best time to visit Killarney

The spectacular gardens of Macros House, with their valuable rhododendrons, peak between April and July. Settled in one of Ireland’s highest mountains, Killarney experiences a winter climate throughout the year.  In these climates the summers are mild and the winters are cold. Medium rainfall throughout the year makes Killarney look External. If you visit Killarney for the first time. Learn about its climate and then choose the right season for your trip.

Spring (March to May): Spring brings a mild and pleasant climate. Temperatures range from 9 to 15 degrees Celsius. The weather makes this city perfect for exploring as the rainfall level drops drastically. So, if the summer crowds bother you, spring is such an off-season, you can always look forward to it.

Summer (June to early September): Summer is the top period in Ireland. There are countless opportunities for a warm day temperature and outdoor activities. It’s hard to avoid the crowds of tourists this month.

Autumn (Late September to November): Like spring, autumn is also another season. Which allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Ireland’s fall season. The best part is that you can enjoy the beauty without being bothered by overcrowding. However a common feature of rainfall this season. Despite the rain, Killarney’s glossy appearance is simply mesmerizing.

Winter (December to February): Killarney’s winters are often defined as damp, foggy, short and long nights. Temperatures sometimes go below freezing. But still, the snow-capped mountain peaks look magical.

Technically, summer is considered to be the best season to visit Killarney. But if you want to enjoy the true beauty of the city, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Killarney. However, in the autumn you have to carry an umbrella due to unseasonal rains.

Nearest airport of Killarney

  • The nearest international airports are Kerry Airport (approx. 18km
  • Cork airport (approx. 88km)
  • Shannon Airport (135km)
  • Dublin Airport near the 315km are also popular with visitors to the Southwest of Ireland.

Hotels near Killarney national park

  • The Heights Hotel
  • Killarney Plaza Hotel and Spa
  • Gleneagles Hotel & Apartments
  •  Hotel Killarney
  • Killarney Towers Hotel & Leisure Centre

Shop near Killarney park

  • Killarney National Park

Review-4.8  (8,968)

National park County Kerry, Ireland

Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Fri · +353 85 801 7973

Lush forested mountains, valleys & lakes

  • Muckross House

Review-4.6  (5,376)

Museum, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Fri · +353 64 667 0144

19th-century lakeside mansion & gardens

  • Ladies View Cafe

Review-4.7 (2,914) ·

Café, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Sat · +353 64 663 3430

Small cafe & bar with renowned panorama

Torc Waterfall Walk

Length: 4.5 km/ 2.8 mi, allow 2 hours, Difficulty: Moderate, Terrain: Paved lanes and earthen footpaths, Gear: Comfortable walking shoes/boots, raingear, mobile phone, snacks and fluids, Ascent: 150 m, When to go: All year round, Wheelchair Accessible: No, Family Friendly: Yes, Dog Friendly: No, Stopping Points: No set points but some interesting things to see are listed in description below.

Nearest Services: Killarney

Car Parking: There is a parking area located in Muckross House at the start of the trailhead.

Ordnance Survey Map No: 78


The waterfall in Tork is named after the Galician word ‘tork’ which means wild boar. According to legend, the waterfall was created by one such person. Who was cursed by the devil to transform into a wild boar to spend every night. He lived in a cave at under of a hill. His secret was discovered one day by a local farmer in search of missing killarney national park animals. The pig offered him a lot of money so that he would not reveal his secrets. However, when the news of his plight was revealed, he became furious. In his rage he burst into a ball of flames. And the Devils of the nearby Mangerton Mountains are reported to have disappeared into Punchball Lake.

The waterfall was formed by the bursting of lake water. To hide the Boers Cave at the bottom of the waterfall forever. This is a beautiful way to extend a short walk to a pleasant afternoon. This is not a serious increase unless the weather changes. So check the forecast and prepare properly. The route above is well signed from the point of view located at the top of Torque Falls. And it continues before most of the old Kenmare road reaches the top. The total distance for walking is about 8 kilometers and the views from the top of this cone-shaped mountain across the lake and the Macross House are spectacular.

See Ross Castle

Ross Castle is in ruins. But if you have time at Killarney National Park, it’s still worth a look. You can list this, it is another item.  The castle is thought to have been built by one of O’Donoghue’s chiefs in the late 15th century. And it is located on Lower Lake (Loaf Lin) in Killarney National Park.

Starting from King Mary Bridge, Killarney National Park to St. Mary’s Cathedral (the edge of town), a very popular walk and cycle takes you to the castle. The paths are rich in rare flora and fauna, with the Irish red deer roaming freely – our largest and only native species in Ireland. Towards the end of the last ice age (10,000 BC) they are believed to have had an uninterrupted presence in Killarney. Angling and boat rentals from Ross Castle Pier are very popular.

Mediavine of Killarney

The castle is decorated in 16th and 17th century style and guided tours (5 for adults) are available from March to November. Unfortunately, due to steep risks, it is not easily accessible to visitors with mobility issues. It is possible to take a boat or drive across the Pacific Lake to reach Ross Castle.  From the town of Killarney, there will be a sign at N71 to mark the turn on the right.  If you prefer, it is also a 2.k km leisure walk or bike ride at leisure to the south-west of the entrance to St. Mary’s Cathedral Pedestrian Park.

Take in the Ladies View

Ladies View is a spectacular look-out point that we stopped while Kerry was running the ring.  It got its name because the waiting Queen Victoria women loved the scene here. It’s a great impressive visit, so I definitely recommend you stop and take a few pictures.

Did You Know Killarney park?

  • Ireland’s Top Picks Killarney National Park is located in Ireland’s highest mountain range, with irresistibly named peaks called the Ricks of McGillicudi reaching 3,280 feet (1,000 m) above the top.
  • Lake Land Killarney is famous for its beautiful lakes. Which covers about a quarter of the entire park. From their shores are mountains covered with significant forests like Tomis Wood. Europe’s only pure wool can be found across 60 acres (25 hectares) of the Macros Peninsula. These trees together form the largest stand in some of Ireland’s oldest forests.
  • The native red deer has lived in Ireland since the last ice age and now only survives in park shelters. Water-loving birds such as local water salmon and trout habitat and cormorants in parks have found success.
  • Dennis Island is home to the Dennis Cottage, a historic lodge and charming tierroom. Walkers and cyclists cross the Macross Peninsula or about 3 km from Killarney Town. You can reach Danis by walking around Lakeshore for miles. Boats also dock here and return to Boothhouse near McCross House.
  • Mansion and farm macros houses and gardens in the park are a major cultural attraction. The nineteenth-century mansion was once owned by a member of the Guinness family. And hosted notable guests, including Queen Victoria.
  • The ancient Ross Castle on the shores of Lake Lower Killarney was built in the 15th century by Donog Mer. Rumor has it that Mar is still standing under Lau Lin, but once every seven years, he would bark at the white horse above the clouds.
  • Gap of Dunloy Those who are thirsty for time and adventure can try the Gap of Dunloy travel. This trek starts on a boat (visitors can carry bikes). Which leaves Ross Castle. And the Lower and Middle Lakes lead to Upper Lake and Lord Brandon’s cottage.
  •  Insfalen Islands, visible from Ross Castle and accessible by boat, is an unforcuntly center of monastic research where King Brian Boru is known to have done research. It was here that one of the first valuable records in Irish history, the Annals of Encephalane, was composed between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries.

Final words about Killarney

If your accommodation is very close you can walk but it is very difficult to find all the interesting places.  We stayed at Carriage House, which has an attractive bed and breakfast across the street from the park.  (If you’re looking for accommodation, here are a few more suggestions for places to stay along the Kerry Ring). One morning we got up on one of the lakes and enjoyed the sunrise. It was definitely worth getting up too early!

We tried not to let the rain stop us to see the park, but we got wet.  You can do some more mountaineering, see Ross Castle, and even try jantung karts. And you can also know about a more beautiful place all over the world from our Travel In Agency. Like – Siargao Island Philippines, Galapagos Islands Ecuador, Kakadu national park Australia, Whitehaven Beach Australia, Boracay island Philippines, Cliffs of Moher Ireland, Banff National Park Canada, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove Japan. Have you visited Killarney National Park? What were your favorite parts?