You should know how to get to Antarctica?

Antarctica – Information

It has a unique landscaping, unique ecosystem, and is one of the true wilderness of the world. Antarctica is the coldest, the warmest, and most remote continent on earth. Lying almost close to the South Pole, Antarctica – whose name means “Unlike the Arctic” – is a situation in the southern continent that has had momentary consequences for all aspects of its character. you can know how to get to Antarctica? into this content below.

Antarctica is fifth in size among the continents of the world. Its landmass is almost entirely cover a broad ice sheet. It covers about 5.5 million S.M. (14.2 million S.K.), and the Antarctic Peninsula reaches the southern tip of South America (about 600 miles) and will round for two major ones. Embassies, Sea of Juices, and Sea of Weddings.

These deep embassies in the South Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean make the continent somewhat pear-shaped, dividing it into two unequal shapes. The larger one is commonly known as eastern Antarctica because most of it is located in the eastern longitude. Western Longitude, commonly called Western Antarctica. East and West Antarctica are separate approximately 2,000 miles- (3,200-km-) long transient mountains.

Eastern Antarctica, where most parts consist of high ice-covered plateaus, is an archipelago of western. Antarctica mountain islands covered with ice and bound together. The continental ice sheet contains about 7 million C.M (29 million C.K.) of snow. which represents 90 percent. This huge ice, the continent supports only primitive indigenous to cool-adapted land plants and animals.

The surrounding sea is rich in life such as land is barren. With the decline of whales and ceilings, the sole economic basis of the past. Antarctica now largely exports the results of scientific investigations that lead to a better understanding of the total global environment. The current scale of scientific investigations in Antarctica began in 1957-55 with the International Geophysical Year (IGY).

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What, where, why?

The densest ice in Antarctica is the dome of eastern Antarctica. Here it is about 4.8 km deep, almost deep.

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Interesting facts about Antarctica

The chippy vale of Antarctica is the driest place on earth. In this part of the continent, even with low humidity and humidity, snow and ice cannot accumulate, which leaves the valleys as mere garbage leaves. This is, on average, the hottest place on earth. Scientists are touring this southern landmass that winds have reached 200 miles per hour.

The Antarctic ice sheet is the single largest iceberg in the world and can sometimes be up to four miles thick. The entire continent contains about 90 percent of the planet’s freshwater ice and about 70 percent of the world’s saltwater! Scientists claim that if the western Antarctic ice sheet melted, it would raise the level of the global ocean by about 16 feet.

Even though Antarctica is icy. It contains one of the largest mountain ranges in the world – the Gambartev Mountains – which extends over 1200 kilometers. The highest peaks are estimated at 2,800 meters, or one-third the size of the world’s tallest mountain: Mount Everest.

Another interesting geographical feature hidden under the ice sheet is Vostock, a freshwater lake buried 4 km below the lake water. Its lake is about the size of Lake Ontario and more than 200 waters have been discovered beneath the ice. Antarctica has Mount Erebus – the southern-most active volcano in the world. As well as the only known “lava lake,” which has regularly retained liquid magma despite the continental depression.

In January 1979, Emil Marco Pelma became the first human born in Antarctica. After crossing his historic historical path through the birth canal, only 10 more have been born on this continent.

Travel to Antarctica?

If you are leaving home, the company you are traveling with will send you important information about your responsibilities to travel safely and responsibly. Traveling to the white continent is a wonderful and special experience; We all have a role to play in protecting it for future generations.

What are the benefits of Antarctic Tourism?

Tourism is the driving force in Antarctic Conservation and should be continued. First-hand travel training and experience with a better understanding of destinations and the need for responsible tourism.

Can I Travel to Antarctica?
Yes, you can Travel to Antarctica.

How to get to Antarctica?

Can I travel with my kids?

Reaching Antarctica, one of the driest, coolest, and warmest places on earth, was a very risky business until about 20 years ago. However, thanks to the growth of tourism, getting to Antarctica has never been easier, though it is still not an easy thing to do, without the weather waiting for people. If you are traveling to Antarctica as a tourist, you have two options; Travel either by boat or on a chartered plane.

By Boat

Most tourists travel by boat here. This cruise operators usually provide all supplies from the permit to the itinerary and will charge anywhere from 5,500 to up to 25,000, depending on your schedule. Choosing the right cruise ship is crucial and how you impact your experience in Antarctica.

Ship sizes will vary significantly, and understanding the size of the ship you want will make your trip to Antarctica more enjoyable. The size of the ship is more than 500 from 45 passengers! Larger vessels are generally well-appointed and feel more luxurious.

By Flights

If you are skiing on the South Pole or climbing Vinson Massif (this is the highest peak), you will have to fly. There are no airports in Antarctica, instead, there are temporary landing strips that can be opened upon request. Most fly-cruises leave Chile’s Arenas and take about 2 hours to reach King George’s Island on the peninsula.

Can I travel with my kids?

Once you arrive at the landing base, you will be transported on an Antarctic cruise ship which then sails the peninsula. Fly-cruises don’t come cheap though, and you should expect as much as $ 12,000 – $ 17,000 for your two-week trip.

Need I a visa to travel to Antarctica?

You do not need a visa to travel to Antarctica itself, but you may need a visa from the country in which you are planning to travel. This is usually Argentina or Chile, although some operators leave from South Africa or New Zealand (see below). It depends on the country of your passport issuer. Before traveling please contact the relevant embassies and consulates and also check that you have travel insurance and adequate medical for the entire trip.

Can I travel with my kids?
Yes, you can travel with your kids and your family.

When is the right time to look at ANTARCTICA?
The tourist season is during the Australian summer, usually from the end of October to the beginning of April of each year.

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