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Boulders Beach South Africa | The best time to visit Boulders Beach

History of Boulders Beach South Africa

Boulders Beach South Africa, just off Cape Town, is so far ahead that you will be blown away by the beauty of the small hidden attraction. The ancient granite stones protect it from the wind and huge waves, making it an ideal swimming pool for children.


Part of Table Mountain National Park, this impressively beautiful nature area, is in fine white sand and sapphire waters. That is home to the world’s only land-based African penguin colonies. Boulders Beach has three beaches, three boardwalks, and a penguin viewing area. To get access, you have to pay a reservation fee at the Visitor Center.

These African penguins are found only on the coast of South Africa – (South Africa). These penguins are on the conservation of Cape Nature Preserve.


Boulder is a beach made of granite boulders from which the name originated. It locates in the Cape Peninsula, Simon’s Town. That is a popular tourist stop because of a colony of African penguins living there in 1982 years — Boulders Beach part of Mountain National Park.

It set in the middle of a residential area, one of the few sites where these unprotected birds can be observed very strictly. The penguin colony has grown to nearly 3,000 birds in recent years.

The Penguins first came to False Bay in 1983 from Dyer Island, near Gatsby. After that, they had plenty to eat, and the colony overgrew. In 1910, it estimates that there were about one and a half million African penguins; A century later, aquatic birds classified as endangered species. Do you need to know more details about Boulders Beach? If your answer is yes please visit here.

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Boulders Beach Travel Guide

Boulders Beach, South Africa Map

How far is Boulders Beach from Cape Town?
Around 28 miles, “45 kilometers.”

In 2000, penguins were impacted throughout the Kew Town area when an iron ore tanker called MV Treasure sank near Robben Island and released 1,300 tonnes of oil into the sea. Penguins are present at Boulders Beach all year long, but most of the breeding season. It runs from February to August and peaks from March to May.
How to reach Boulders Beach?
You can get there by Train, Car, Bus.

When to look penguins of Boulders Beach?

Summer is the prime time to visit Boulder, and this is when you see the action of most penguins. However, you will see penguins all year long. Between September and October, birds spend a lot of time eating seafood, so there are fewer penguins on the beach. Why are penguins in South Africa?
Boulders Area.

What can I see Boulders Beach, South Africa?

Foxy Beach, South Africa

Foxy Beach is part of Boulder Beach and in turn, is part of Table Mountain National Park. The beach of Boulder identifies the coastal region that extends with large distinctive granite stones.

Seaforth Beach, South Africa

Seaforth Beach is a gem that often forgotten. Probably the best family beach in Cape Town. It’s a small beach so that it can get a little crowded. To get to Fisherman’s Beach, you need to park at Sifth Beach and get to Fisherman’s Beach.

South African Naval Museum Simon’s town

South Africa has a rich naval history. we visit the SA Naval Museum in Simon’s Town to find out more about the country’s maritime history.

Windmill beach south Yarmouth

Near the mill, a house next to the Danner residence on River Street overlooks the Bus River with its small mill. Not far from home, the breeze blows on River Street – South Yarmouth.

Warrior toy museum

Dedicated to toys of all shapes, sizes, models, waxes, and themes, this is an excellent place for young and old to see. A place to create new memories with your kids, expand your collector’s knowledge, or return to traveling over time.

The best time to visit Boulders Beach

You can visit any time of the year, but with relatively little rainfall, October to March will be the best time to visit Boulders Beach South Africa.

How much cost to go to Boulders Beach?

All entrances are currently R147,00 for entry to Cape Point, and R76,00 will spent for adults arriving at Boulders beach.

The best hotel in Boulders Beach, South Africa

Where to shop in Boulders Beach?

  • Curious Penguin Shop
  • Boulders Beach
  • Boulders Penguin Colony
  • Seven Penguins Convenience Store
  • Boulders Beach Store

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