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Boracay island Philippines, with nearest airport, hotel, Shopping places

Boracay Island Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte (according to “Roddy” Filipino media) is the 1st president since the Philippines gained independence from America in 1946. The small island was once considered the most stylish in the world. Boracay is an island in the central region of the Philippines with long. White sand beaches and a long stretch of clear, turquoise waters.

Tourists from all over the world have found comfort in this little slice of paradise. And people often come back to it. Originally home to the Atty people, Borasa saw tourists for the first time in the 1970 decade of tourists. At the same time as the release of the British-American movie To Let The Hero, which is mostly shot here.

Today, on a clean, low-traffic, Boracay has re-established its reputation as one of the top destinations for Philippine visitors. If not the top of the list. Unrestricted development threatened Borasa until some time ago when temporary closures and new rules for tourists made the resort island a more sustainable way.

Boracay’s powdered white sand never fails to be seduced. But while your trip should enjoy the beautiful one kilometer stretch of White Beach. You’ll be missing out a lot if you don’t explore other beaches in Boracay. At the ripe beach, the mature colored shell blends in with the sand to create a beautiful natural blanket. Take a tour of Bulabog Beach and why it is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the country. If you went learn more about Boracay Island. You can go to

Boracay Island the Philippines Map

The Philippines has experienced a surge in tourists in recent years. Just over a million went there in that year – last year it was 6.6 million in 1990. And about a third of these tourists – more than two million – went to Bourassa. Which measures just 3.98 square miles and has a residential population of only 30,000.

The island is not just a trip about beaches and water sports. There is so much to see and discover on the island. Take a two-hour inland tour of Boracay that passes through a 220-hectare mangrove park. Boracay The leading island destination of the Philippines. Naturally, the main attraction of the island is the beaches and the sea.

Travel Guide to the Boracay

When the best time to visit Boracay?

Deciding on the most suitable time to visit Borasa in the Philippines is a bit complicated. In the wet months, you have to deal with the risk of rain or the growing crowd that comes to enjoy the sun. During peak seasons from March to June. The weather forced Borassa into clear skies. And blocked sunlight – perfect weather to soak up the rays or enjoy some waterfalls.

New Rules for Boracay Island

  • Drinking and smoking on the beach are prohibited. There will be specific places.
  • Umbrellas and beach chairs are banned at the beach.
  • The casino is close, and gambling is not allowed on the island.
  • Single-use plastics (including cups and drinking straws) are prohibited.

Where to stay in the night of Boracay

As the recovery effort continues, you are expecting to show no reservations for government-approved housing. That means the days of wandering around budget housing can be over. The system is still being a tweet.
N.B – Not all resorts in Borasa maintain 24 hours of water and electricity you Search before you book.

Where to eat of Boracay Island?

You will encounter plenty of seafood buffets as you walk along the sandy path between Station 2 and Station 3 to White Beach. While most are price relatively, don’t expect high-quality food! Despite the romantic notion of eating so close to the beach, seafood is rarely fresh. Arrive early when the buffet is first set up for the evening.

Boracay weather

The average temperature is 30

Best things to do in Boracay

  • Island Hopping
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Fly Fish
  • White Beach
  • Ariel’s Point
  • Diniwid Beach
  • Puka Shell Beach
  • Mermaid Swimming
  • Willy’s Rock
  • Crocodile Island

Best Shopping places of Boracay

  • D’Mall
  • City Mall
  • Bamboo Market
  • Archipelago

The Best hotel of Boracay Philippines

  • Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay
  • Boracay Haven Suites
  • Boracay Beach Resort
  • Zuzuni Boutique Hotel
  • Jony’s Beach Resort
  • Savoy Hotel Boracay Newcoast
  • Henann Crystal Sands Resort
  • The Muse Hotel
  • Boracay Beach Club
  • Red Coconut Beach hotel

The nearest airport of Boracay Philippines


  • Godofredo P. Ramos Airport
  • Kalibo International Airport


What is the best time of year to travel to the Philippines?
March and April
How many days do you need in Boracay?
2 to 4 days
What is the rainy season in the Philippines?
June to October.

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