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Top12 best travel blog site You Should Follow

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The word is moving forward, Ignoring this corona virus. We have decided to list the top 20 best travel blog sites for 2021. Which will be perfect. Come on in, take a look at all the beautiful travel blogs out there.

You may khow that while running this travel blog site and still now I work in different places as wordpress site designer & SEO service provider. And I run this trevel blog just for fun. There are so many travel bloggers out there, how do you decide what to follow? Good luck to you! Our staff has achieved the best travel blog site.

I myself am a travel blogger as a social boy traveler, there are several travel bloggers I appreciate for their amazing creativity, talent and knowledge. These travel bloggers literally help us ‘get out and travel’.

Before I started my own adventure travel blog, after reading other people’s travel blogs online, I was inspired to explore the world. If you are planning a trip, travel blogs are a great source for cool ideas and advice!

Below you will find some of my favorite travel blogs, as well as the ones I have discovered over the years. I hope you enjoyed the various travel stories, photography and videos published by these travel bloggers around the world!

Here are the top 12 best travel blog

Daniel is a British block who regularly works with Skyscanner and LonelyPlanet. Dan Flying Solo writing doesn’t take storytelling to the next level, but it does include video clips, sound effects, and photography.

He is an amazing writer and more advanced photographer with lots of helpful tips.

Maptia Travel Bloger is a diverse group of photographers, writers, adventurers. And a collaborative project of conservationists. Who bring their readers into the world of inspirational and thought-provoking stories.

These are travel blogs run by a volunteer who spends time self-publishing effective travel stories in an independent, ad-free environment.

Current favorite post — Lynx on the Brink

The site features cool culture, events and designs in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway. There are posts on the best local designers, stores, restaurants and hangouts, mainly in major cities, and there are articles about disturbing local customs.

It is the ultimate source of everything Scandinavian. The calendar section is especially helpful for travelers.

Current favorite post — Weird and Wonderful Hotels in Scandinavia

Melissa is a doll from Canada. He has no filters and he is a warm sincere person. He is such a talented person and has truly proved that hard work pays off. Published in Melissa Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog and many more.

Current favorite post — What Is the Best Month to Visit Cape Town?

Road and Kingdom messages are simple: the more you know, the more travel. R&K informs about different parts of the world using talented local journalists, deep storytelling and good things in life – food, music, burdens.

Winners of the 2018 Primetime Emmy, the 2019 National Magazine Awards and the 2017 James Beard Publishing Year Award.


Lily is a Belgian dog who is another kick ass travel blogger! She was recently named the # 25 Top Travel Blogger to follow in 2016. She is also a fellow Travello app travel blogger.

By road, by kayak, by sea, and above all by foot, Eric Goger manages the themes of cities and countries in the modern world in his blog Notes from the Road.

Eric shared “The messy truth of travel, a regular guy said.” Her photography and writing is the best I have seen online from an independent travel blog. You will lose hours reading her stories.

Current favorite post — Rum-drinking Demons of the Redwood Coast

Gloria (aka Globe) is an Arizona native and a remake of Releast! Never be afraid to give his opinion, he is a talented writer who creates great content. He also has a great eye for photography.

He has worked with top travel photographers and has written for the Huffington Post, Thought Catalog and Matador Network. She is also one of the best selfie takers I know.

What We Love: Directed by the Oliver and Darrell Hartman brothers, this boutique travel journal uses beautiful photography, short films, and narrative text to tell inspirational stories about crafts, tradition, and the extreme natural environment.

Think of it as an armchair trip to the next level.

Alyssa Ramos is a Cuban American (like me!) Native to Florida. She is a GoPro Selfie Ninja Master! Seriously, he even published 10 tips for getting travel photos with one of them. She’s just fine!

Originally from the United States, Daniel Knoll and Audrey Scott were the husband and wife storytelling team behind the uninterrupted market.

After more than 90 countries, they are still running … and still married.

Current favorite post — The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers

Drew is another Arizona native. Drew has been traveling the world since leaving college and has built a full-time career working for himself. He is known as the Snapchat genius. He has created his own travel show via Snapchat.

He has worked with several different brands and sponsors, is part of the GoPro family, and writes for the Elite Daily as well as the Huffington Post.

Top 10 YouTube Travellers