best places to visit in Brazil

Top 10 best places to visit in Brazil

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Travelling is always fun. When you travel, you can broaden your outlook, and you can learn more from different lifestyles. If you want to visit overseas, then Brazil will be the best choice. And in today’s article, I’m going to recommend you the Top 10 best places to visit in Brazil.

Brazil is one-third of the world’s tropical rainforest. Here you can see the natural biodiversity. Brazil is not only the biggest city but also its mesmerizing scenic beauty will dazzle your eyes. So let’s see, have a look at our recommendation. I hope you will find the best suggestion before starting the journey.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha Brazil is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated in 354 km away from the Brazilian seashore. There are 21 islands and islets in this place. It is one of the best places to visit in Brazil. Every year millions of people come to see the exotic beauty of this Archipelago. It is known as the world’s heaven.Fernando de Noronha Brazil is in the UNESCO’s world heritage site.

Recently the authority makes a significant role preserve natural beauty, that’s why nowadays a few people can visit there at a time. Moreover, you have to pay fees for its maintenance and preservation costs. There you can see the fantastic combination of crystal clear waters, golden sands, and marine life fascinate people from all over the world.

 Its beaches are the main attraction because they are divided waters toward the Brazilian mainland, and the outside sea is in waters toward the Atlantic Ocean. So it is usual to see these waters in Brazil’s lists and the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The site is also famous beaches. Such as the beaches Praia dos Porcos, Praia dos Leões, and Baía do Sancho, twice elected the best beach of the planet by the Traveller’s Choice Awards of TripAdvisor.

Noronha is also one of the best places for diving. Its clear and warm waters provide excellent visibility, being possible to observe its splendid marine life of corals, dolphins, turtles, and sharks. It is possible to practice scuba diving, guided by certified local instructors.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you love golden beaches, mountains and want to enjoy the exciting football matches, then no place can be the beat to visit Brazil like Rio de Janeiro. This place is known as a lonely planet on earth. The backdrop of Samba and Bossa rhythms compel you to fall in love with this natural beauty.

Here you can see the world’s most massive art deco, climb the Corcovado mountain, and also you can join in Rico’s annual celebration. Though most people know Rio as a city of crime, the scenic beauty will blow your mind. It is situated near the largest harbors so you can visit their nearest beaches like Sugarloaf and enjoy the hot foods and dancing of native people.

Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is one of the oldest cities in Brazil, and so they have spectacular histories also. Its beautiful beaches, jolly culture, and largest carnival arrangements will blow your mind, and so I’ve put in my list one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

It is the most considerable capital of Bahia Center. It was used as the main point of sugar and slave trade. Te Coty is full of ancient colonial architecture, churches, and plazas. All these buildings bear the memory of its age-old tradition. 

You may also find art galleries, handicraft shops, and various local shops to buy Brazilian chores. On the contrary, Salvador’s new city is full of modern architecture, which quite an aristocrat and beautiful.

One of the main attractions of Salvador is its fantastic beaches. These are ideal for sunbathing, barbeque, and mini parties. If you go for a visit to Brazil, then never miss the eye-dazzling beauty of Salvador.

ILhabela, Brasil

Ilhabela is known as the sailing capital of Brazil. It is situated on the northern coast of the biggest city, Sao Paulo city of Brasil. In Ilhabela, there are more than 40 beaches. There is also some magnificent infrastructure to see. Vila is one of the main historical points of Ilhabela. There are enormous restaurants, shops, cinema halls, etc.

Ilhabela  State Park represents the 85% scenic beauty of the total spot. It preserves the historic part of Atlantic Forest. If you love diving, then ready your backpack and go for IIhabela cause there are more then 400 waterfalls. These make the place perfect for sailing or any other swimming competition.

On the other hand, the north and southern part is known as the national landmark of Brasil. So you can go for an ecological tour in those parts. There is an impressive scope to go with a local guide here. They will help you explore the city safely, and you won’t miss any part of this largest area.

Sao Paulo city Brazil

Sau Paulo is a prominent city in Brazil. According to the population, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, but it is also one of the world’s largest. It is situated in the south-easternpart of Brazil. Sao Paulo is a popular place for visitors, mainly for its skyscrapers, gastronomy, and robust culture scene. It s primarily the home of many ethnic groups worldwide, including the largest Japanese community outside Japan.

There are two parts of the city. One is old, and the other is new.  Andbetween its old and new districts, Paulista Avenue is the city’s busiest strip, brimming in businesses, shopping malls, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and coffee shops. Although Sao Paulo is known for its concrete jungle, it is also home to many public parks and even portions of the Atlantic rainforest.

Brasilia Brazil

Brasilia is another best place to visit in Brazil. It is the most popular city for visitors. Every year millions of people come here to enjoy the beauty. Brasilia is located on the Brazilian highway. The town is mainly a utopia. There are magnificent buildings,like Three Powers Square, which houses the Presidential Palace, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. It has a design of Airplane shape.

Each of the sections here serves as a different city. They are divided into commercial, residential, government, and cultural centers. Additionally, all its concrete, steel, and glass, Brasilia also features a large artificial lake and several beautiful parks that all offer various leisure activities. The capital is also an important transportation hub for travel within Brazil.

Fortaleza Brazil

Numerous beaches, dynamic shopping centers, and lively cultural events make Fortaleza one of Brazil’s best places to visit. The capital of the Ceará state on the country’s northeastern coast, Fortaleza is Brazil’s fifth-largest city. The city is a mix of colonial and modern-day architecture.There is more to see and do.

Praça do Ferreira is the city’s main square where all sorts of the entertaining medium are available. Praça José de Alencar is another popular square for street dancers. The 16 miles of urban beaches are the mainattraction to tourists. Some of the most popular beaches are Praia do Futuro, Mucuripe, and Meireles. The beaches are great for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and surfing competitions, but they also offer hotels, restaurants, and markets.

There you get jumping-off points for experiencing the genuinely spectacular beaches. The shopping centers are another main attraction. The city is home to large textile industry, so clothing is cheap here. Local foods and products are available in the city’s markets, while the Iguatemi Mall offers a little of everything.

Paraty Brazil

Parati is the paradise of tropical forests, waterfalls, emerald sea, and coastal mountains with numerous beaches. Parati is the best place in Green Coast in the Rio de Janeiro state. People also spelled it as  Paraty, and It was a Portuguese colony established on the Bay of Ilha Grande’s shores.

So parati has a deep history with multicolored colonial houses, many of which are called pousadas. Some of the most visited attractions here are the colonial defense forts that have original walls and cannons. The historic center of Parati is pedestrian-only.

The city has parks and nature preserves where visitors can hike and explore the natural setting of mangrove forests, waterfalls, and wildlife. You can visit the old villages. Moreover, the bay has gorgeous beaches to enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and boat cruises.

Boa Via gam Beach in Recife

Recife is called the “Venice of Brazil” because of its numerous waterways and bridges. Recife is the capital of the Pernambuco state and one of the largest and most important cities on Brazil’s northeastern coast. The town is in the tropical forests with many islands and rivers. They make Recife as an exciting place to visit. Its historic old town, beaches, and vibrant culture attract more visitors every year.

It was a Dutch colony in the 17th century. So this is more evidence that the city is a  historic district where many colonial buildings remain, such as Brazil’s most beautiful baroque churches, the Franciscan Convent of Saint Anthony, etc. Saint Peter Square is also notable in the historic beauty of Recief; shops and restaurants are available here.

The Sao José Market is popular to find traditional handicrafts, medicinal herbs, and locally produced food. Recife is blessed with beautiful beaches in Brazil. Lined with hotels, restaurants, and bars, Boa Viagem is the most popular beach with its pristine white sands, clear water, and coral reef.

Olinda Brazil

One of the best places to visit in Brazil. It is a colonial city and situated on Brazil’s Atlantic Coast in the northeastern state of Pernambuco. Portuguese found it in the early 16th century. The town was the state’s capital. Later the Dutches burnt it after losing its sovereignty to its nearby neighbor, Recife.

The city is surrounded by trees and provides a soothing eye look. Olinda’s historic downtown is a treasure trove of colonial churches, colorful old houses, and numerous artisan studios. The city is famous for eating, and so it packs many shops and markets selling paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and handicrafts. This lively city hosts a regular Carnival celebration, which differs somewhat from Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

Olinda’s festival is best at daytime and scheduled with music, dances, and African cultural traditions. They arranged I parades, lavish costumes, giant puppet dolls, street parties, maracatu, and frevo rhythms. The carnival Olinda has a vibrant culture where they arrange parties every weekend in bars, nightclubs, and singing groups who perform serenades of traditional songs in the streets.

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FAQ about best places to visit in Brazil

  • Is it safe for tourist to drive in Brazil

Yes, it is safe to go to Brazil.

Native people use buses, cars, bikes to continue their regular work without any hesitation. So you can also drive there quickly. But it is good to close the windows while driving at night.

  • How much money do you need to travel to Brazil?

It needs about 300 dollars for a seven-day trip.

Well, Brazil is famous for bidet traveling doesn’t cost much to travel there. But don’t think about the service. The travel agencies serve you the best within your budget.

  • When is the best time to visit Brazil?

If you want to visit Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, or any other beaches, book tickets between October to April.

And if you want to experience mesmerizing waterfalls, then it is good to go in a season like June to November Because the falls is a little bit safe at that time.

  • What are the passport or Visa procedures for Americans to visit in Brazil?

British, Canadian, or Australian citizens require a passport with six months validities to visit Brazil. And citizens from other countries should contact wit with Brazil Embassy before the visit.

Final words best places to visit in Brazil

Brazil is a land of scenic beauty. If you are a travel lover people, then you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Brazil. But you can say that the country is large enough, so you can’t afford to visit the whole. I suggest you start with the above mentioned ten best places to visit in Brazil for your convenience. If you save your pocket and also fulfill your dream to explore Latin America. So take your decision wisely. Have a safe journey.