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About the Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert of Northern Chile receives awards as the driest in the world. As well as one of the most beautiful adventure destinations in the world. The Atacama Desert of Chile, the world’s driest non-polar desert, lies about 600 miles (one thousand kilometers). Between coastal Cordillera de la Costa Mountains and the Andes Mountains.

Its boundaries are not well defined. But it mainly locates between the southern bank of the Lao River and the mountains separating the Salado-Copiapa drainage basin. The desert to the north continues to the Peruvian border. Cordillera de la Costa is a line on the lower coastal hills to the west of the desert. And the east is the Cordillera Domeyko, the foothills of the Andes.

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The desert is mainly the foot of the coastal mountain in the west and with London fans. And the foot of Andean the east. The Atacama is one of the oldest deserts in the world and has experienced half-a-day conditions for nearly half a million years.

The Atacama Desert sits at an altitude between the Andes and the Chilean coastline that prevents moisture from reaching the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. It receives less than 1 mm of rainfall each year, and there is no record of rain in some parts of the desert. About ten million people live in the Atacama Desert home.

The northern part of the Atacama Desert contains valuable minerals. Bolivia and Chile tried to claim the territory in the 1800s which occurred between 1879 and 1884 in the Pacific War. Chile conquered and regained control of the region. The rise of cold water from deep into the Pacific Ocean in the west improves atmospheric conditions, which hinders the evaporation of seawater and prevents clouds and precipitation.

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The coastal chain reaches approximately 5000 feet (1,500 meters) or better, with a distinct peak reaching 6,560 feet (2,000 meters). There is no coastal plain. In most of their range, the mountains suddenly end up in the ocean. The Cordillera Dominic has many volcanic cones, from east to east of the western alien to the Andes, some over 16,000 feet (4,900 m) high.

Why should you visit Chile’s Atacama desert?

Chile’s Atacama desert is beautiful, barren, and desperately surrendered, hard to say in other world landscapes. This strange yet stunning part of the world feels more alien than familiar, full of lagoons, volcanoes, and geysers far from ideal.

The Atacama Desert is one of the driest non-polar regions of the world. Some parts are known to have been without rain for decades. Very few species can survive in most of this rare, barren land. Snow-capped volcanoes are seemingly present at every turn, creating a blurred natural border between Chile and neighboring Bolivia.

What is the Atacama desert?

The Atacama, known as one of the driest and oldest deserts in the world, has some landscaping views for miles and miles. It often compared to Mars, and many scientists use this region to test theories about the planet.

Where is the Atacama desert?

Located in the northern part of Chile, the Atacama Desert extends approximately 41,000 – 49,000 square miles between the Andes and the Chilean coast.

How can I get an Atacama desert?

A Pedro locates 1670 km north of Chile’s capital, Santiago. We must first reach the nearest town of Ca-lama by joining a wide paved road with a magnificent desert landscape in San Pedro.

By Airplane:

It is the fastest route to reach Coli-ma and then to San Pedro DE Atacama, 98 kilometers (60 miles) away.

By Bus:

The trip takes up to 20 hours from Santiago. From one of the terminals in Santiago to San Pedro, you can get a bus.

By car:

It is advisable to split the trip in two; First stop in Caldera (870 km) or Baha Angle sea and the next day you should go straight to Kalam (800 km).

When should we go Atacama desert?

I can go here all year long. Occasionally heavy rains in January-February can close visitors’ sites for a few days and snow from June to September can prevent high-altitude crossings in Bolivia and Argentina.

How many costs need to go to the Atacama desert?

Depending on which country you are from. Prices start at $ 150 / night for a double during the winter (high) season and include WiFi and a breakfast buffet.

Best hotels near Atacama desert

  • Hotel Desertica
    455 Caracoles , San Pedro DE Atacama
  • Naturalis Hotel
    Av. La Playa 33, 1410000 San Pedro DE Atacama, Chile
  • Hotel Pascual Andino
    Gustavo Le Paige 150, 1410000 San Pedro DE Atacama, Chile
  • Hotel Jardin Atacama
    Gustavo le Paige 159, 1410000 San Pedro DE Atacama, Chile
  • Terrantai Lodge
    Tocopilla 411, 1410000 San Pedro DE Atacama, Chile

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