Arashiyama Bamboo

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is the best place for travel

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

If you are planning a trip to Arshiyama Bamboo Grove. You have probably seen pictures of Bamboo Grove. Temple and the Tory Tunnel in the Kinkaku-JI. It is one of the most photographed sights in the city.

You can access it directly from the main road in Arashiyama. A little north of the entrance to the Temple. There is only one main path through the grove. Which gradually climbs up. The best way to explore by following our Arshiyama Bamboo Grove Walking Tour. Which outlines the best path to follow.

About Bamboo Japan

The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is two separate bamboo grooves. Both sandwiched between the Temple grounds and the JR. The combined length is about 500 meters. The grove is about 140 meters wide. In the middle of the east, near the main road.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

You will find the Shrine at the southern end of the south end of the west. You will see the beautiful gardens and halls of the Terreiu-Ji Temple. Kyoto’s most glorious Buddhist temple. It is merely decorative. From the time of classical Japan. Arisiyama has been an imperialist. A favorite place of magnificent villas and temples.

Bamboo was a popular ingredient in this villa garden. During the Edo Period, bamboo cultivates in that area for use in many Japanese crafts. As well as for food.

Arashiyama bamboo grove map

Why will you go to Arshiyama Bamboo Grove?

Lots of bamboo surroundings make you feel like. You’ve stepped into another world. The world of Arshiyama is a green and peaceful Place. One local told me that it is good to see bamboo grooves in the weather with little wind because the long bamboo stalks look very sentimental and mesmerizing. When they gently spread the stone.
If you head up the hill. Travel In Agency will discover beautiful temples far away from the crowd.

How to Get Bamboo Grove?

The fastest and easiest way to get to Arashiyama is by train. From Kyoto Station Take the JR Train to JR Sagano / Sun-In Line From there, take a 10-minute walk and follow the signs of Arshiyama Bamboo Grove.

When is the best time to visit Arashiyama Bamboo Grove?

Arshiyama bamboo herd is very popular among tourists, so it is always very crowded. If you want to capture the perfect pictures. The first thing to do in the morning before sunrise is to look for the best.

Visit Arshiyama Bamboo Grove at night.

During December. I recommend you watching the bamboo source at night as the paths of the bamboo forest look magical and dreamy. This festival of illumination is called the Arisiyama. And it only takes place for about ten days in December. Between 5 pm to 8:30 pm.

When the best time to photographing Bamboo Grove?

Bamboo Grove is a photogenic and exciting place. Where you can visit your camera. Space always perfect for taking pictures.

How long to spend at the bamboo grove?

It depends on which country you are from. What kind of hotel to stay in and how will way get there.

Nearest hotel

  • Ranzan Hotel
    33 Sagatenryuji Susukinobaba-Cho, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Arashiyama Benkei
    34 Susukinobanba, Cho Saga-tenryuji, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Suiran, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto
    Saga Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Ryotei Rangetsu
    7 Susukinobaba-Cho, Sagatenryuji, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • First Cabin Kyoto Arashiyama
    20-2 Tsukurimichi-Cho, Saga Tenryu-Ji, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Hostel Kyoto Arashiyama
    3-25 Saga Tenryuuji, Susukinobaba-Cho, Kyoto, Kyoto
  • Togetsutei
    54-4 Arashiyamanakaoshita Cho, Kyoto, Kyoto

Top things Of Bamboo

Okinawa River and Nakanoshima Park

The bridge over the Ogawa River in the town of Arshiyama is another great place to take pictures. The hill was quite beautiful with the first shoots of the mountain cherry blossoms but it would become much more spectacular in a week or so. Even if you make the perfect time for your trip for the cherry blossoms, you can’t stay in every place of the top blossoms.

Tenryu-Ji Temple

The Terry-G Temple was established in 1339 and is the main temple of the Tenerio-G branch of the Rinzai School of Buddhism (Zen). The gardens are a special feature of this temple, especially with the background of Somen Pond, Arshi, and Cum Mount. Cherry blossoms are especially beautiful for those who are crowding under the weeping cherry tree.

Yudof for lunch

There is no shortage of great restaurants in Arshia but I would especially like to try a local specialty cooked in Yudofu, or tofu water. The draw was a bit less enthusiastic but he went ahead with it. I like tofu anyway but with the extra flavor and spice, I really enjoyed it.

Best things in arashiyama

Adashino Nembutsu-ji Temple

Nembutsu-G was founded in the 9th century by the monk Kobo Daishi who erected stone statues for the souls of the dead. Today the temple has thousands of stone statues. There is a small path behind the temple with another bamboo source.

Saga-Toriimoto Street

This road is preserved just before you come to the Nembutsu-Ji Temple and in the style of the Meiji Period. Many of the traditional theatrical Machias (townhouses) we have eaten that day have been converted into shops and restaurants, including the Yudofu specialty restaurant.

Gio-ji Temple

The Geo-G Temple is located back in the forest and is best known for its algae gardens which are carefully tended to keep it weed-free. There were several women hard workers there when we visited, probably monks/nuns by their scarves. Its entrance and small main hall have a thatched roof and the hall has a round window that leads back to the garden.

Final Words about Bamboo Grove

Until the end, you can also see the Okochi Sanso Villa, the home of the late silent film actor Denjiro Okochi. The villas and gardens cover about 20,000 square meters, with Spanish gardens and great views of the city of Kyoto and the Hoju River. Traveling to another world is like traveling to Arshiyama – an easier, more peaceful time. If you feel relaxed and ready to recharge, book your JR Pass and start planning your next Japan vacation today. Thanks for visiting our Arashiyama Bamboo Grove article and if you want to visit our home page please click on Travel In Agency

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